At Walking The Thin Blue Line we believe in Strong, Connected Marriages.  

We also believe in and wholeheartedly support Law Enforcement. We know that at times the balance between The Thin Blue Line at work and at home can have so many challenges.  Divorces, extra marital affairs, addictions, suicides and depressed or isolated mental states are having a great impact on Law Enforcement Officers and their spouses nationwide. We believe that if there are tools and strategies in place to help you to create a battle plan for your police marriage, that you are better able to fortify yourselves and your marriages from the negative aspects of a law enforcement career.  The team at Walking The Thin Blue Line is dedicated to providing the highest levels of support and resources to police families while partnering with like minded organizations to strengthen blue line marriages and families all across the nation.  

A few of the Resources that Walking The Thin Blue Line has to offer are:

  • Classes - We offer both live and online classes to help you to strengthen & fortify your relationships, and support you as individuals.
  • Conferences - Walking The Thin Blue Line Hosts a variety of events each year to gather Law Enforcement Couples and to support Police Wives.  
  • Retreats - Are you looking for a weekend getaway to recharge and spend some time connecting with your spouse? Our retreats provide the perfect opportunity for you to get to do exactly this while hearing some amazing speakers, participating in some incredible activities, and making connections with other Law Enforcement Couples.  We also offer retreats that are available specifically for the Law Enforcement Wives to gather and connect!
  • Private Sessions - Do you feel that you could use some more personal help with some of the things that you are struggling with, as a Police Wife or Law Enforcement Couple?  We also offer live one-on-one sessions, where you as an individual or couple can get more personal tailored support in your Law Enforcement Marriage. We will use emotional release techniques and empowerment tools to help you to gain the peace and connection that you need to feel empowered in your Police Marriage. These can be done over the phone or face to face over the internet from the comfort of your home. Book a one-on-one session here.
  • Public Speaking - The founder of Walking The Thin Blue Line, Rachel Norman, is a highly sought after speaker and mentor. She is available to teach any of her classes live for your departments or organizations, or to speak at your events.  For more information about booking Rachel to speak or teach a class please refer to her speaking page here.