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Walking the Thin Blue Line exists to support and provide resources for the law enforcement couple




Thank you so much for visiting us here at Walking The Thin Blue Line, where we support Law Enforcement Couples and families.  We believe that Law Enforcement Couples and families should thrive and not just survive!  We offer an array of services and resources for you to help you have a Strong, Connected, and Empowered Marriage throughout the course of your officer’s career.  We are passionate about helping you to bulletproof your marriage and family against the negative aspects that can, all too often, have a large impact on your relationships.  Through our classes, conferences,  retreats and programs it is our hope that you can find what you need no matter where you are at in your journey of Walking the Thin Blue Line together.



Saving our hearts. My husband and I had been struggling with our law enforcement family off and on for years. Blending families on top of the stress of law enforcement work was almost too much to handle. We had been visiting with a counselor weekly for months with no relief. Even with the best of intentions he couldn’t get to the root of our problems or help us find a way to resolve them. Talks of divorce occurred almost daily. When I first met Rachel I had sessions with her alone, as my husband was very hesitant on what was going on. However, as he saw me progress and my life improve he was willing to see Rachel with me. After a few sessions and after attending her ignite your marriage class our love was rekindled for one another. With that renewed devotion to each other and learning where our weaknesses were, Rachel was able to give us the tools we needed to recreate our marriage and home life. 6 months later it’s as if we are newlywed. Our relationship is more open and honest than it has ever been and our family is thriving because of the knowledge we have gained. Rachel, we couldn’t have done this without your help. I will forever be grateful you were introduced into our lives.
— Julie, ID
I have worked closely with Rachel for quite some time and I adore her big healer heart! She is a brilliant woman who is lifting the entire community. I have had her personally do work for me and my children and have been very pleased with the results. This is one woman I always know I can count on. Stamp of approval in my book.
— Tammy Ward, UT