In 2015, Walking The Thin Blue Line was founded by Rachel Norman who is a current Law Enforcement Wife herself.  She fully understands the challenges and interesting aspects of being married to a law enforcement officer.  It is her deep passion in life to bring support and resources to Law Enforcement Couples and Police Wives who are or who have been struggling with this life. Below is her story about how Walking The Thin Blue Line was created.

I married the love of my life and my real life hero in 2008, he started as a Juvenile Detention Officer, the moved onto become a Jail Deputy, and then went on to become a Patrol Deputy in 2012.  He now has a career full of being on specialty teams and is also a K-9.

In December 2009,  my husband was getting ready to graduate from the Police Academy as a Jail Deputy. The night before graduation there was an optional class offered to all of the officer’s about police marriage.  Even though I was days away from giving birth to our first son, my husband and I decided that we wanted to go.  So the day before he graduated I made the 4 hour trip to where the academy was so that we could attend. I am so so glad that we made that decision. In my early years as a Police Wife I was very naive and unaware of the high divorce rates, extra marital affairs, suicides, and addictions that can plague Law Enforcement Marriages.  This class was the very first time that any of those statistics were presented to me.  I was floored.  I truly had been so excited to just see my husband accomplishing his dreams that I had ever given a second thought to the fact that there could be a dark side to this life that we were entering into together.  I thought so much about this on the way home and decided that I was going to read everything I could about police marriage and adopt the prevention is the best medicine approach.  However at the time I could only find about 5 books on the subject, I had expected there to be more out there to read about this Police Marriage life.  In recent years there have been more incredible books and resources on the subject, but at this time there weren't many, and I set out to (and have!) read every single one. I wanted to know all that there was to know about keeping my LE marriage strong.  

What were the warning signs to problems? What could we do to keep our connection strong, healthy, and fortified?

Determined to not be a statistic of any of those outcomes from of law enforcement marriage, I went on a mission to gather as much information as I could on police marriage.  I have spent a lot of my free time over the last 8 years reading anything that I could find that was geared to law enforcement officers and their families.  However, I was extremely surprised to find that there is not a lot of information there specifically for the Law Enforcement Spouse. At least not near as much as I thought that there would be given those staggering percentages that had been shared with us in that class.

They say that it is extremely important for the officers to have a strong support system behind them in their career.  I strongly agree with the thought behind that, I myself feel that it is detrimentally important to have that strong support system for them as well.  However, I also feel that there needs to be some tools given to the Officer and the spouse or significant other to help them thrive, and be successful as they experience this unique element of their marriage, or relationship together. Our officers train regularly in every other aspect of their career with the tools that they are given in order to protect them and others when the need arises, and if having that support system is important to their success, then there should be some sort of training on that as well.  I feel it should  be mandatory for agencies to guide their officers in protecting and serving their marriages and relationships just as they train them to protect and serve their communities.  

A few years went by and I began my career as an Energy Practitioner and Emotional Release Facilitator. By this time we were a few years into my husband’s career and it still seemed as though we had a very strong connection, while a few other couples marriages that we knew had just become a statistic. While working with clients and continuing to read to all that I could about Police Marriage I began to understand more about the anatomy of our emotions and our trauma’s. So many ways a Law Enforcement Marriage can suffer started to make so much more sense to me and I truly believed that there was so much more that could be done to strengthen those relationships.

It was at this time that I decided to act upon the desire that had been in my heart for several years before this time to help other Law Enforcement Couples to have strong thriving marriages,  I decided that it was time to help others to strengthen their emotional armor and release themselves from the bondage of the badge both as individuals and as couples to fortify and empower their marriages.  So one month before I gave birth to our 3rd baby in 2015 I decided that it was time to create Walking The Thin Blue Line to provide a platform to get these tools and resources into the lives of other Law Enforcement Couples.  I have combined my experience as an emotional and energy practitioner with partnering with other like minded individuals and organizations to provide many avenues to support fellow Law Enforcement Couples.  Here you will receive a very different approach and outlook to healing the hurts that may be lurking inside you on an individual level or between you as a couple.   

It is my deep hope and prayer that this is a place full of many resources and tools that Officer’s and their spouses can turn to for support and information, to bless their live and the community they serve.  We offer many ways that can be beneficial in supporting your law enforcement marriage such as conferences, classes, retreats and personal sessions tailored to help you with your needs.

If have questions or would like to reach out to book Rachel to speak at your event or to schedule a one on one consult with Rachel please email us at info@walkingthethinblueline.com.