At Walking The Thin Blue Line we are dedicated to providing the most valuable resources to Law Enforcement families.  It is this dedication that has brought us to our most recent project which is the launching of  To Love & Protect: Police Wife Radio.  This was inspired after our most recent Police Wives Conference in Boise, Idaho in January of 2017.  While connecting with so many amazing and incredible women, I realized 2 really important things.  The first is that each of us has a story about our journey as a police family.  We all have learned and experienced so many different things as a police family and there is so much wisdom that we can gain from connecting with each other and sharing the wisdom that we have gained along the way as Police Wives. The second thing that was brought to my attention is the fact that so many Police Wives are yearning for a connection with their sister's in blue and fellow law enforcement families.  There is something so  magical and reassuring about knowing that other police wives and families understand so many things about our day to day lives.  There is a need and a yearning for more connection among so many.  

I truly feel that each and everyone of has something that we can share to help inspire and support their fellow Police Wives. Which is why,  in March of 2017 we are launching our band new podcast series called To Love & Protect: Police Wife Radio.  We will be discussing many incredible topics from how to have a stronger marriage,  to how to maintain balance in this crazy life and so much more.

We are currently seeking guests to interview on our podcast and are looking to book several months out.  If you are interested in being a guest on the show at any point in 2017 fill out this form here and a member of our team will contact you.  We look forward to this new venture in providing a valuable free resource to support Law Enforcement Wives.


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