Supporting officers, strengthening Couples, empowering families

Being part of a Law Enforcement family comes with some unique challenges for both the officer and the spouse.  So many sacrifices are made by both the husband and wife and often marriages within the Law Enforcement community fail.  It has been stated that the divorce rate is as high as 75% in Law Enforcement marriages.    Due to this statistic and the fact that I am a Law Enforcement wife myself we decided to form Walking The Thin Blue Line to help, support officers, strengthen couples, and empower families within the Law Enforcement community.  We plan to do this conference’s and retreats complete with speakers who can help to strengthen and give support to Law Enforcement Families.

  Our first event is geared toward Law Enforcement Wives with a special date night evening for the officer’s and their wives at the conclusion of the conference.  It is on January 20th, 2017, in Boise Idaho.  Our efforts to make this event a great success and to provide these amazing tools and resources to these incredible families, can’t take effect unless we have the support of our local communities.  That’s where you come in!  What we are asking  you for today is either (a) a donation of a product (item or gift card) that can be used in our gift bags or raffle, or (b) a sponsorship.  Sponsorships are detailed on the attached Sponsor Agreement form.  We are incredibly grateful for any amount you are willing to donate, in order to make this conference a great success.

Thank you in advance for your support of our event & our local Law Enforcement families.  We truly appreciate your generosity, in making this event a great success!

Sponsorship Levels

Platinum Sponsor

    $1000 or more       

                Platinum  Sponsors will receive the following:

                - Recognition as Primary Conference Sponsor.

                - Company Name listed as Primary Sponsor on the Conference booklet.

                - Logo on Conference Webpage.

                - Name mentioned on flyer and advertising.

                - Recognition on Event’s Facebook Page

                - 10 Tickets Raffled off on the event page with you as the ticket sponsor

                - Rights to provide promotional items in  Gift Bags

              - Logo shown on teleprompter at least 20 times the day of the event.


Gold Sponsor


               Gold Sponsor will receive the following:

                - Logo printed inside on  the conference booklet.

                - Company name listed on the back of the shirt,  this would be 20%                 

                   smaller than the Platinum Sponsor.   

                - Name mentioned in advertising.

                - Logo on the Conference website.   

                - Recognition on Event’s Facebook Page.

                - 5 Tickets raffled off on the event page with you as the ticket sponsor.

                - Rights to provide promotional items in Gift Bags.


Silver Sponsor


               Silver Sponsor will receive the following:

            - Company Logo printed on the back of the shirt, this would be 10% smaller

               than the Gold Sponsor.

             -Name mentioned in advertising.

             -Rights to provide promotional items in Gift Bags

            - 2 Tickets raffled off on the event page with you as the ticket sponsor.


Bronze Sponsor


              Bronze Sponsor will receive the following:

             -Company name printed on the back of the conference shirt.

             - Rights to provide promotional items in Gift Bags.


Ticket Sponsors        

  $50            Sponsor a conference ticket for Law Enforcement Wife to attend.



                                      - Place an advertisement flyer in the conference gift bags.

                                        - Final numbers on the amount of flyers that you need to fill the bags will be

                                           provided to you 2 weeks before the event.

All sponsors are also recognized and thanked on the event Facebook page and website.  Thank you for the support of our conference and law enforcement families!

You will Receive a confirmation email upon completion of your order for submitting you logo for all promotional Materials.

If You have Items of donation that you would like to donate to the conference for either the gift bags or the raffle please e-mail us at Rachel@walkingthethinblueline.com to set up a time for pick up or for our address to Mail them.  Thank you for your support.


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