Book Submissions - Police Wife Stories

Thank You for interest in being a part of our incredible project!! Being a Police Wife has so many different aspects, and I am sure that we have all learned, and experienced these things along the way. We are looking for stories submissions that can be used in our upcoming book series with the first one being released in Early 2017. Book 1 will be a complete compilation of Law Enforcement Wives across the United States. We are looking for stories for wives regarding their experiences as a police wife and thing that they have learned along the way as well. We are seeking individuals who want to help uplift and inspire other law enforcement wives to know that they are not alone in their struggles. That there is a very large, loving and strong pink line that exists in this nation and that there are millions of others wives who stand with them and know what they are going through. We are so excited for interest in this and we are looking forward to reading each one of your stories. If you feel that you have something to write but don't have enough for a full story we are also looking for short thoughts (about 250 words) and poems to also add to the book.

Please fill out the form below to agree to the terms and submit your story to